Welcome to Writer Moms Inc.

Welcome to Writer Moms Inc.

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new Writer Moms Inc website and this new fun segment featuring all things #wm_chat!

Today we’re talking about what #wm_chat is and what Autumn and I have in store for the chat this week.

What is #WM_Chat you ask?

First off, #wm_chat is our weekly Twitter chat that happens every Monday at 8pm PST and it’s where we talk about all kinds of topics that relate to being a writer-mom.

We’ve covered topics that lean more mom-specific, such as how to carve some writing time while balancing wife and mom duties, and we’ve covered writing-specific topics, such as choosing the best path to publication.

What makes this chat so amazing is that it’s attracted a community of other writer-moms who understand the struggle that comes with trying to balance it all, and it’s grown into a wonderfully supportive place to talk shop.

As part of #wm_chat we host an Interview with a Writer Mom on the second Monday of the month, but because we’re celebrating this month every Monday will be an interview!

Coming up this Monday, May 7, we’ll be interviewing Rachel Thompson, mom, marketing consultant, and author. She’ll be answering questions about how to effectively market your books, how to brand yourself as an author, and her brand new venture- NaNoProMo, a month long book promoting challenge.

See you there!


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