Summer Goal Setting with the Writer Moms!

Summer Goal Setting with the Writer Moms!

May is coming to a close and our month of celebrations is over, but that doesn’t mean the fun stops there!

Writer Moms Inc has lots of writing fun planned for the summer months, including a Summer Writing Challenge!

Running from June 1 to August 31 we’ll be hosting writing challenges, sprints, and check ins to provide all our writer moms motivations and accountability throughout the summer. Summer can be hard on writing goals between kids being home from school, vacations and the beautiful weather calling your name. By signing up for our Summer Writing Challenge we’ll get you motivated to keep plugging away at those goals!

Also happening throughout the summer- we’ll be hosting TWO #wm_chats! One happening at 8 PM EST and one at 8 PM PST. We want to give all moms a chance to attend, so if you can’t catch one you’ll now have a second opportunity! Coming up on Monday June 4 we’ll be talking about your summer writing goals.

More information about the challenge and chats can be found on our Facebook page!

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