Summer Writing- Writer-Mom Style

Summer Writing- Writer-Mom Style

We held our first WMI writing sprints and a wonderful chat last week about summer writing goal setting to help kick off our Summer Writing Challenge, and the response has been amazing! We’ve had dozens of writing projects added to the sign up sheet with goals ranging from first drafts, to revisions, to query writing, to book launch deadlines. It’s amazing to see all the projects you guys are working on 🙂

There’s no deadline to sign up, so join us for a little summer writing motivation! We’ll be doing another set of writing sprints on Monday at 8 pm EST.

Also this week we have Kimberly S Belle as our guest on Interview With A Writer Mom. Kimberly writes suspense fiction and is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. She’ll be chatting with us about book marketing and her upcoming release, Three Days Missing. Join us at 7 pm EST!

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