Let’s Chat About Networking on Social Media!

Let’s Chat About Networking on Social Media!

Networking on social media can be a tricky thing to balance. With us writer-moms already having so much to work around that social media can seem like just another thing to devote time (that we don’t have) to. Yet social media can be a fantastic tool to engage with readers and connect with other writers. It’s also a necessary way to expand your author reach and platform. So, given that having a social media presence is so important, how do we fit it in? How do we keep it from taking over our precious writing time? How do we use it effectively? How do we stay consistent? Tune into #wm_chat to hear what other writer moms have to say!

And don’t forget #wm_chat is happening at two different times throughout the summer- 8pm EST and 8pm PST.

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