Manic Momma’s Monday Musings: Introduction

Manic Momma’s Monday Musings: Introduction

Manic Momma’s Musings


Once upon a time, in a peaceful, little suburb about 60 miles Northwest of the crime-riddled megacity of Chicago, lived a carpenter, his wife, and their 2 beautiful children. The curvy woman certainly didn’t look much like a superhero. She was very good at hiding behind her “crazy mom” persona: long, blonde hair, always full of split ends, mousy brown roots over 3 inches long, and geeky glasses, complete with scratched lenses and child fingerprints. Her messy bun and obsession with leggings and tunics added to her disguise. It caused quite a surprise on the day that it was discovered that she possessed the most unique super powers on the planet. Among her many talents, she had the power to predict and detect danger before any threat even occurred.  She could feel things more deeply than the average person, had the ability to do several things at the same time, and, even though she was afflicted with Daily Chronic Migraines, she persisted. Her only weakness was the spending money her husband would give her, for she could never run out of things to justify buying for her babies.


She was…. Manic Momma!

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