Manic Momma’s Monday Musings- Turkey Day in Technicolor

Manic Momma’s Monday Musings- Turkey Day in Technicolor

Turkey Day in Technicolor



Man! Just being a mom is rough, and, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, sometimes very melancholy! It can be great for writing, though. Channeling those feelings into your creativity and making amazing works of art. Who could complain about that perk? We can be proud of who we are, what we create, and who our children are becoming, but many days can break even the strongest foe. It’s hard to feel like you can do it all and still keep your sanity. Well, I’m trying something new; after 30 years on this planet, I’m embracing my crazy!


What I mean is, I was built with tough genes. Made with some extra powers that may look like curses to some, but I’m learning to embrace what I’ve been given. Not only was I born with stick-straight hair and a crappy metabolism, but I also have 4 AMAZING super powers: Anxiety, Depression, Manic Depression, and Bipolar Disorder.


Though they may be far from extraordinary, many other moms have some of these same super powers. I know of others who are afflicted in more unique ways, like those with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or Germaphobia. Obviously, Invisibility or X-Ray Vision would be much more useful, especially when the kids are in their teens and we want to catch them sneaking out or wearing a crop top under their sweater. I’m happy to say I have the pleasure of being blessed with all four of, what I like to call, my super crazy-mom powers…


I know. They don’t sound all that great, but I’m learning that they really are!


Take, for example, Thanksgiving. My crazy-mom powers are especially helpful around the holidays. The ever-present Anxiety will always help me think of every possible disaster that could happen. Every possible spill, every potential family feud. Anxiety will help remind me of last year, and that horrible recipe for stuffing that I thought would be delicious. Manic begins to set in and and my brain is already concocting plans to keep the turkey from possibly burning, setting numerous alarms because timing is everything, and I already have several scenarios playing in my head so I can diffuse the bomb that could be Aunt Lisa’s new beau. Prep time is definitely shorter when you’re Manic. Multitasking is made easier when you’re Manic. But mostly, you feel indestructible when you’re Manic. You really feel like you can accomplish anything and confidence is the key to productivity.


They are pretty great powers to have, but sometimes they can make the days a little more overwhelming. Depression usually likes to sink in around 3 in the afternoon, right when everyone is sitting down to dinner. Depression is hard to get excited about, for obvious reasons. Especially if no one says how much they loved my sweet potatoes. I might cry right there in the gravy and no one likes salty gravy. The power to keep my head up is almost non-existent, but then Bipolar sneaks in – like Grandpa for a tweak – and makes me Manic again so I can clean up quickly and enjoy the rest of the evening. The energy of being surrounded by friends or family, seeing them smiling, enjoying the meal I prepared, makes every little scary thought, or sad feeling disappear.


I’m learning to love my super crazy-mom powers, even if they sometimes make me feel like I’m going to lose my mind. Though I may not look put together, because my kids, and Manic Depression, keep me busy, I’m hoping I’ll eventually find the time to go get my hair done, or find the extra energy to start exercising again. It would be nice if I looked as good as I’m starting to feel about all of this. I never could feel like a regular person, but now I’m starting to feel like I could take on the world.


Hey, as long as I have the CostCo card and enough money for Christmas presents, I’ll just be happy if the next holiday goes more smoothly this year. The world can wait until after Christmas has gone off without a hitch. Baby steps!





A little about Manic Momma!


Manic Momma’s Musings


Once upon a time, in a peaceful, little suburb about 60 miles Northwest of the crime-riddled megacity of Chicago, lived a carpenter, his wife, and their 2 beautiful children. The curvy woman certainly didn’t look much like a superhero. She was very good at hiding behind her “crazy mom” persona: long, blonde hair, always full of split ends, mousy brown roots over 3 inches long, and geeky glasses, complete with scratched lenses and child fingerprints. Her messy bun and obsession with leggings and tunics added to her disguise. It caused quite a surprise on the day that it was discovered that she possessed the most unique super powers on the planet. Among her many talents, she had the power to predict and detect danger before any threat even occurred.  She could feel things more deeply than the average person, had the ability to do several things at the same time, and, even though she was afflicted with Daily Chronic Migraines, she persisted. Her only weakness was the spending money her husband would give her, for she could never run out of things to justify buying for her babies.


She was…. Manic Momma!

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