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Let’s Chat About Networking on Social Media!

Networking on social media can be a tricky thing to balance. With us writer-moms already having so much to work around that social media can seem like just another thing to devote time (that we don’t have) to. Yet social media can be a fantastic tool to engage with readers and connect with other writers. It’s also a necessary way to expand your author reach and platform. So, given that having a social media presence is so important, how do we fit it in? How do we keep it from taking over our precious writing time? How do we use it effectively? How do we stay consistent? Tune into #wm_chat to hear what other writer moms have to say!

And don’t forget #wm_chat is happening at two different times throughout the summer- 8pm EST and 8pm PST.

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Summer Writing- Writer-Mom Style

We held our first WMI writing sprints and a wonderful chat last week about summer writing goal setting to help kick off our Summer Writing Challenge, and the response has been amazing! We’ve had dozens of writing projects added to the sign up sheet with goals ranging from first drafts, to revisions, to query writing, to book launch deadlines. It’s amazing to see all the projects you guys are working on 🙂

There’s no deadline to sign up, so join us for a little summer writing motivation! We’ll be doing another set of writing sprints on Monday at 8 pm EST.

Also this week we have Kimberly S Belle as our guest on Interview With A Writer Mom. Kimberly writes suspense fiction and is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. She’ll be chatting with us about book marketing and her upcoming release, Three Days Missing. Join us at 7 pm EST!


Summer Goal Setting with the Writer Moms!

May is coming to a close and our month of celebrations is over, but that doesn’t mean the fun stops there!

Writer Moms Inc has lots of writing fun planned for the summer months, including a Summer Writing Challenge!

Running from June 1 to August 31 we’ll be hosting writing challenges, sprints, and check ins to provide all our writer moms motivations and accountability throughout the summer. Summer can be hard on writing goals between kids being home from school, vacations and the beautiful weather calling your name. By signing up for our Summer Writing Challenge we’ll get you motivated to keep plugging away at those goals!

Also happening throughout the summer- we’ll be hosting TWO #wm_chats! One happening at 8 PM EST and one at 8 PM PST. We want to give all moms a chance to attend, so if you can’t catch one you’ll now have a second opportunity! Coming up on Monday June 4 we’ll be talking about your summer writing goals.

More information about the challenge and chats can be found on our Facebook page!


Find Out What’s Happening For Our Last Week of #wm_chat Birthday Bash!

May has passed by in a flash and we couldn’t be more thrilled at how successful it’s been!

Thank you for showing love to all our interviewees and webinar presenters this month. We hope every WMI member could take away some useful information no matter what stage of writing you’re in. To wrap up our final week of #wm_chat one year anniversary we have another fantastic interview coming up, plus a chat with Autumn and I and more giveaways!

First up is a writer-mom interview with Myra Fiacco, owner and editorial director of Filles Vertes Publishing. She’ll be chatting with us about small press publishing, answering some of your publishing questions, and letting us in on what she and her team have coming up! As part of that chat we’ll also be announcing the winner of our mug giveaway. Join us on Twitter at 8 PM PST on May 28th.

Later in the week Autumn and I will be on the Facebook page for a fun, informal chat where you’ll get to know a little more about us and have a chance to ask us anything! We don’t promise to be all that exciting or have answers to all the writing questions out there, but we wanted an opportunity to have some fun and share a bit more about ourselves. Come find us on Facebook at 8:00 AM PST on May 31st!

And be sure to drop by and enter your name into the final birthday giveaway of the month Autumn will open up the contest on Saturday (May 26) and winners will be announced Monday (May 28)!


Wm_Chat Birthday Bash Week Three!

Get ready for another AMAZING interview!

Week three of out #wm_chat birthday bash features an interview with writer-mom Rebecca Angus. Not only is she both a writer and a mom, she’s also a literary agent with Golden Wheat Literary Agency. She’ll be answering questions from our Facebook group on everything from the truth behind prologues to how she chooses which clients to represent. She’ll also be telling us about her upcoming new release, Where We First Began!

If you can’t make it to the live interview happening May 21 at 8pm PST then keep an eye on our Interviews section of the website where we keep all of our past interviews!

Hope to see you there!


Welcome to Writer Moms Inc.

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new Writer Moms Inc website and this new fun segment featuring all things #wm_chat!

Today we’re talking about what #wm_chat is and what Autumn and I have in store for the chat this week.

What is #WM_Chat you ask?

First off, #wm_chat is our weekly Twitter chat that happens every Monday at 8pm PST and it’s where we talk about all kinds of topics that relate to being a writer-mom.

We’ve covered topics that lean more mom-specific, such as how to carve some writing time while balancing wife and mom duties, and we’ve covered writing-specific topics, such as choosing the best path to publication.

What makes this chat so amazing is that it’s attracted a community of other writer-moms who understand the struggle that comes with trying to balance it all, and it’s grown into a wonderfully supportive place to talk shop.

As part of #wm_chat we host an Interview with a Writer Mom on the second Monday of the month, but because we’re celebrating this month every Monday will be an interview!

Coming up this Monday, May 7, we’ll be interviewing Rachel Thompson, mom, marketing consultant, and author. She’ll be answering questions about how to effectively market your books, how to brand yourself as an author, and her brand new venture- NaNoProMo, a month long book promoting challenge.

See you there!



Week Two!

Week two of our birthday bash brings another great interview!

This week we’re lucky enough to have moms, authors and agents Amy Brewer and Patty Carothers stopping by.

Amy and Patty have experience on both sides of the book- being literary agents at Metamorphosis Literary Agency and YA co-authors with a book coming out this spring.

They’ll be chatting with us about how the co-author relationship works as well as answering your Ask Agent questions.

If you’d like to submit a question for Amy and Patty email it to

And, to accommodate our interviewees on the east coast, this weeks chat will be at 7pm PST. Hope to see you there!